Course Outline

KEYBOARDING SKILLS: Hands-on Acquisition

Two 3-hour sessions will teach participants touch-typing. Participants will learn to locate each of the alphabetic and basic punctuation keys without looking. One 2-hour follow-up session will refine their skills.

Suggested Prerequisites:

None required

Futher Learning Options:

Any application training


To locate the alphabetic and basic punctuation keys, using all the correct fingers, without looking.


Course participants will complete the following objectives:

  • to become familiar with key locations and finger placement
  • to enter text without looking at the keyboard
  • to acquire a proficiency rate of up to 15 words per minute
  • to maintain an accuracy rate of no more than one error per minute
  • to become familiar with and implement correct keyboarding technique
  • to recognize and understand the physical elements of ergonomics

Who Benefits:

You and your staff will benefit if you want to:

  • stop relying on the "hunt and peck" method of sight-typing
  • overcome the keyboard as an obstacle to input
  • boost productivity
  • reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries

Topics Covered:

The following specific topics will be covered during the course:

  • homerow as the consistent starting point
  • keyboard layout
  • which fingers are responsible for which keys
  • aspects of correct keyboarding technique (posture, wrist position)
  • work area adjustments to maintain proper posture and reduce muscle fatigue (chair height, monitor, mouse and keyboard positioning)
  • presentation of a 20-minute instructional video
  • introduction of the Shift Key for capitalization
  • individual guided practice
  • use of Typin' Time software to track progress in terms of both dexterity and accuracy