General Information

Why typing skills are important

The computer keyboard has replaced pen and paper as our main tool of communication. Everyday, we input our own email, memos, reports and letters. It is labour intensive without typing skills. We spent years learning to write and developing our penmanship. We need to spend a few hours developing this "new-world" skill.

When you touch-type:

  • Productivity improves. "Hunt & Peck" is 30% slower than handwriting
  • Concentration improves. You focus on composing - not inputing
  • RSI risks are reduced. You learn the right techniques and apply them
  • Software applications training is more successful and easier for both trainer and participant

You'll learn to:

  • enter text, using the correct fingers, without looking at the keyboard
  • acquire a proficiency rate of up to 15 words per minute
  • maintain an accuracy rate of one error per minute
  • implement correct keyboarding techniques

How you will learn

The course can be run in your computer lab. It is limited to six participants who learn by doing.

Another option, for individual participants, is to attend one of our public courses.

The course is organized in two half-day sessions. A two-hour follow-up refines your skills.

Individual needs are met

Course materials and pace are tailored to meet your skill level.