Testimonials From Some of Our Participants

"One of the most practical courses I have taken in my career -  the benefits were immediate.  I was amazed with my progress in speed and accuracy with just a few minutes practice per day."
Anthony Prezioso, Bombardier Aerospace Regional Aircraft

"Well worth the effort.  I recommend this to all those jocks that would not take typing in high school."
Chris Soucy, PPG Canada Inc

"The system of learning how to type is very effective.  We had very good results for all participants.  Lila Massaad showed great patience and skill, taking the time and effort to guide even the most difficult students to significant typing improvement.  I would recommend KEYVISION to anyone looking to learn or improve their typing skills."
Dave Weaver, CAA

"Great instructor & fabulous material & method of instruction."Diana Nardolillo, LCBO

"I was pleased and amazed how quickly the skills are taught and over such a short period of time.  I'm still using these skills and practicing what I was taught."
Judy Davies, Southlake Regional Health Centre 

"I will not 'hunt and peck' anymore.  I am impressed.  I highly recommend this training. Thanks."
Heinz Held, SEW-Eurodrive Company of Canada Ltd.