Who We Are

Corporate Profile

We've been in business since 1994. KEYVISION was founded to offer a quality training program to address an unanswered training need. Computer users need a method of learning how to type that requires minimal time investment. We answer that need by providing Keyboarding Skills (touch-typing) instruction using the ALMENATM Method of Keyboard Training.

Our Associates

Lila Massaad, B.A.A., B.Ed., is the founder of KEYVISION Associates. She brings over 25 years of experience in training, teaching and business to this organization.

Several years of working in marketing and sales administration were followed by a second university degree - in education. While teaching business studies courses, Lila was introduced to the ALMENATM Keyboard Training System during a professional development workshop. She saw the System was superior to conventional keyboard training and became a licensed user. She established KEYVISION Associates in 1994 to teach business people the alternative to "hunt & peck" typing.

As a member of the Canadian Society for Training & Development (CSTD), the Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA) and the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT), Lila continues her professional development to better meet the needs of her clients.